by Babak Kheshti

Now that producer Pharrell WIlliams stands warrior in the denim world, we've taken apart a recent inspiring interview with GQ Mag to share with you our synchronized methodology on the "Denim Experience".
With over 6 years in the industry, Brooklyn Denim Co grew pride in understanding that each and every guest is worthy of a customized adventure. Whether you're considered the "self serve shopper" (the one who knows what they do or in most cases, absolutely DO NOT want, preferring to shop alone), or it's great extreme (the shopper with absolutely no concept of skinny vs boot cut), we've narrowed down our service to finding the best fit possible. Whether Selvedge, Raw, Skinny, Straight, or Tapered. All we care is what works for you.
Just think about it. This lucky jean will be the sole pair you hope to slip into every other day cuffed up with your go to sneakers. You've planned at least two outfits that go well with your kitten heels or monk straps. We get it. We get you.

"Number one, denim is something you hold on to for years. It's not just a T-shirt you may never wear. With our denim, our customer is a DIY customer. A lot of them are do-it-yourself-type people. So even when it does fit the same way, you'll alter it. Or if you feel like they're too dark, you'll fade them or distress them yourself."

-Pharrell Williams

So even when you're inseam reaches 34, or 28, our complimentary alterations will resolve the troubled area so its perfected for your lifestyle.
But here's where we divide the line with Mr WIlliams. That "T-shirt you may never wear..." is still pretty important at Brooklyn Denim Co. Here, we use organic cotton and non-toxic natural hemp on our brand of t-shirts. Now, lose your worries of the fit being uncomfortable or unwearable. These are probably the softest yet durable shirts you'll have in your collection. Trust, you'll feel the difference.
Just know that when you shop with us, you're helping the world stay a little greener and guaranteed to walk away with a perfect pair of jeans.

Babak Kheshti
Babak Kheshti


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