Buckleback Jeans

First Standard Co.

These raw jeans from First Standard Co. feature an adjustable buckle-back waistband, a large top block, tapered legs, slant front pockets, leather patch on the back pocket and a button fly.


*100% Cotton

*13.5oz Raw Selvage Cone Mills White Oak Denim

*Buckle-Back Waist

*Slant Front Pockets

*Button Fly

*High Rise

*Tapered Leg

*Made in USA

First Standard Co. is a contemporary denim brand driven by the commitment to creating enduring craftsmanship in garments that are at once highly functional and expressive. Based in New York City's Lower East Side, First Standard has followed the lineage of Industrial era garment signatures, modernizing this foundation into an avant-garde designer collection. From the tradition of American work wear, all aspects of the collection are produced domestically, using Cone Mills selvage denim, Scovill zippers, copper hardware from North Carolina, and fabricated by a long standing North Eastern manufacturer. First Standard is made for an individual who has the spirit to embrace re-inventive thinking translated from the old; beyond accepted forms of today's denim wear.

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